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Artificial Super Intelligence And Demystification Of Chaos

What would it take to demystify chaos and the order of the universe? Let’s get down to this delicate question, discussing Artificial Super Intelligence. As far as I understand, there are quite different opinions mentioned lately by the main protagonists in the field. The huge progression in the field of Artificial Intelligence is shaking up the […]

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Using Google Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Google makes Artificial Intelligence accessible to everybody! There are 3 different fields of interaction with Artificial Intelligence currently. Using tools driven by Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning as a consumer. We are already surrounded by things, using some parts of Artificial Intelligence and there will be so many more to come! On Apple you have […]

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Did I Underestimate Artificial Intelligence?

Is Artificial Intelligence A Threat? When studying physics at the University of Zürich from 1999 – 2002 I also attended lectures about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Philosophy. Then, computer power was still far from mastering the necessary calculations. First of all, there had to be made decisions about WHAT exactly is Artificial Intelligence, even if it […]

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Email Lists Are No SPAM

Are email lists SPAM? I lived through the epoch when everybody started sending SPAM emails to any email address found published online. The problem still exists and there are still some stupid people trying to cheat, trick and offend! But … fortunately, most of these emails are caught in SPAM filtering through modern email servers! […]

Reinvent The Wheel

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel – Use It! Not just the wheel is invented to let us drive smoothly in cars, trains, bicycles, … there is no need to reinvent the wheel! The same is valid for the digital tools to set up nearly any business in a digital environment! When I started programming in 1999, […]


Our Causes

Since 2005 we are active in Cuba providing social support. PERSPECTIVAS EN CUBA (start 2013) The “Casa Cultural – Los Aspirinas” in Havana is a meeting point for people. Here we work on causes and socio-cultural projects, providing offerings in the sectors of education, team building and culture. We use resources of our Cuban family […]