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Get up, Leaders stand up

Nazis in USA

Leaders stand up against horrible fascist, nazi, ultranationalist, racist, extremist and terrorist tendencies spreading around the world.

Horrible Holocaust

Horrible Holocaust

REQUIRED: Leaders stand up!

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Artificial Super Intelligence And Demystification Of Chaos


What would it take to demystify chaos and the order of the universe?

Let’s get down to this delicate question, discussing Artificial Super Intelligence.

As far as I understand, there are quite different opinions mentioned lately by the main protagonists in the field. The huge progression in the field of Artificial Intelligence is shaking up the developers as they are starting to see possibilities and limitations of this new technology.

The hype in the field of Artificial Intelligence is reasonable as there are lots of possibilities for a possible last step in digitalisation.

Questions about Artificial Super Intelligence are of a philosophic kind and not reality in any way!

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How does globalization affect my life?


You should ask yourself “How does globalization affect my life”!

Our lives are changing as a consequence of globalization. No doubt!

Many of us are experiencing fear and uncertainty about what is coming.

Is there a need for fear about the future of a global DIGITAL WORLD?


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