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Get up, Leaders stand up

Nazis in USA

Leaders stand up against horrible fascist, nazi, ultranationalist, racist, extremist and terrorist tendencies spreading around the world.

Horrible Holocaust

Horrible Holocaust

REQUIRED: Leaders stand up!


I sat in the office when terrorist attacks reached a new dimension in 2001.

For a long time, the Islamic groups of moderate mindset, the great majority of Muslims did not distantiate themselves from “Islamistic Terrorists” as they have been called since.

Terrorist attacks of Charlie Hebdo in France made a difference when moderate Muslim communities started to take a clear position. Islamistic Terrorists have nothing to do with Islam as a religion!

I am of Christian, Protestant heritage and I am well aware of the Christian terror in the past and still in some parts of the world. Same as with Islamistic Terrorists in my point of view the warfare of the Catholic church from the Middle Ages on until now has little to do with religion as such.


As a person with white skin color, I feel the need to make a point, same as I expect from any other peaceful individual.

There is no difference between a white, black, colored, green, yellow, red or whatever color of skin a person might be!

There is one race, the HUMAN race!

No human is better than the other and every person is an individual, enriching our presence on earth!

I love diversity and I think all of us can learn from each other!


BUT: There are people with evil, destructive mindsets, trying to disturb our peace on earth!

I have zero tolerance for anybody supporting any kind of destructive mindset in any part of the world!

Current fascist and terrorist tendencies in the USA but also in Switzerland and all over Europe should not be tolerated! 


In college, I argued the world needed Hitler to stand together and start defining on a global basis what we want and what we don’t want on earth.

It is not easy to live together in a global and connected world where the good influences as much as the bad.

Ever since I remember USA took over great responsibility on fighting horrible dictators and whatever danger appeared. They got lots of critics for their actions and not all of them have been of highest ethical conducts. Intentions of the USA might have been driven in the majority of cases by economic greed for oil or strategic positions. There is a lot of corruption all over the world and it is all about human decisions. Right!

But as far as I am aware, there has been no intentions of the USA to attack peaceful nations for more than a century!

In World War II they came over to help us out over here in Europe. They reacted hard on the Japanese attacks and had to learn a strong lesson, same as in Vietnam.

I am thankful for the lead role the USA has taken especially during the life of my generation and the generation of our parents.


This makes it even more difficult to understand, how an American President doesn’t distantiate from Nazis and Ultra White Supremacists instantly after these horrible parades we have all seen on TV!

I hope we will be released soon from this fascist criminal in the most powerful position on earth!




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