Consulting – The New Trending Business Model



Consulting is the new trending business model!

Why is consulting so trendy these days?

I see promotions online, where some people are selling their course to become a consultant and sometimes I ask myself if they really know what it means to be a consultant.

One guy’s ad copy (text in an ad) claims “Become a consultant even without any expertise” …

How could this work out if the term “consultant” is defined as a professional, offering his specific expertise to businesses (in the case of an external consultant) and to other departments (in case of an internal consultant)?

Personally, I have the expertise to offer to clients like system administration, programming in different languages, social media campaign building, video edition, project management and some more, where I built a track record over the years.

This concerns the field of providing a service based on expertise, but there are different forms to apply such a service.



Consulting, Advisory & Mentoring, Coaching, Training

These 4 forms differ substantially so please use them for the correct use case if you use them.


A consultant provides consulting services, so he offers his expertise to implement a specific task, system, product or service.

A consultant is not just telling good stories and providing options, he gets his hands dirty and implements!


Advisor & Mentor

An Advisor provides his advice concerning a specific topic to a business or individual with less or different expertise in the field of action then himself.

The responsible manager could then get a consultant to implement the advice.

The word mentor is used a little different, normally in a more personal environment.




The coach is coaching individuals or groups based on his experience. He provides his expertise in a structured way to guide individuals or groups to a certain level of expertise.

The coach provides a structured guide for the individual and possibly its trainer, who supports the individual or group in passing action steps. He differs from the consultant, as he does not mainly use his expertise to get active himself. He transmits his knowledge. A coach might also have an Advisor function but this is not part of pure coaching.


Trainer & Teacher

A trainer then is responsible for the hard work of implementing the coaching to achieve the goals and values, defined by the coach.

I would define a teacher as a constant trainer … but you should have a detailed idea of what a teacher is.

Personally, I am a good coach, consultant, and advisor as I bring the necessary expertise to the table, but I am no trainer and I don’t want to be a teacher for people who don’t want to learn.

I do think, the business model of consulting, advisory and coaching online are popping up because of the connected world we live in and there is a need for services in the field by individuals and businesses in a modern way.

Businesses have the possibility to hire outstanding personalities with great expertise from around the world and can connect with them through video conferences and chats instantly.

If you are providing services in one or several of these areas, what is your function?

I encourage you to stand out and provide your expertise, even if you are a specialist in a very narrow niche.

There are lots of people following the trend, but if you have real skills I recommend to get the education to hunt down those who really want to employ you for the real skills you have.


I hope this was helpful!


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