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Write A Book

Write A Book

I got no Idea why I just started to write a book 2 weeks ago.

For more than a year I tried to figure out, what and how I want to write, what content to produce, but without the intention to specifically write a book.

Is it blog posts and should they be long or short or should I do videos on Youtube or start a podcast. What should it be about?

Maybe you are also at a point, where you think about writing a book or you are a step ahead and have published successfully before.
I would be glad to hear about your experience during the process!

After listening to the introduction of Ryan Deiss at the Traffic & Conversion Summit I knew I am on the right track concerning Books.


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It is incredible and also unbelievable but people are reading books again!
Maybe you have seen the message in FB ads about how CEO’s and successful people read several books a week. Bill Gates posted pictures about himself in front of a big wall of books.

The obvious message: „If you want to become successful you have to read“!

I think this is a great move to make education and the distribution of information progress worldwide!

The market is big and wide, so if you ever thought about writing a book, time is now!


Writing a book is not just about the final piece of work.

It is about the mass of content created during the process and the process itself.

The modern way of publication should be, to focus on splitting the content into junks and feed the ever hungry dragon of social media so you have enough material to constantly publish, connect, grow awareness of your topic, growing interest in your products and services.

If you have something interesting to publish you will create discussions based on interest.

This is valid for private individuals as well as for companies who should possibly think about telling an interesting story about their past, their future their ideas …

It is true, people love books again and I think, this is mainly because the book-market is one of the first to be almost completely at the next level in the time of digitalization.

I belong to the generation raised in a time without the internet and then you could buy books or get them at the library. This was an effort in time and money.

Then Amazon came along and disrupted the market completely. Then there was a time when it was not too comfortable to read books online and services to get a printed version have not been set up.

Now, almost all friction in the process between the author and the reader is gone. Prices for books went down to adjust to the digital versions but at the same time the reach through the internet went big.



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