Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Don't reinvent the Wheel - Use it!

Don't reinvent the Wheel - Use it!

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel – Use It!

Not just the wheel is invented to let us drive smoothly in cars, trains, bicycles, … there is no need to reinvent the wheel!

The same is valid for the digital tools to set up nearly any business in a digital environment!

When I started programming in 1999, a lot of the work was matching words, so-called “Strings”. I had to cut them into pieces and publish these pieces to the Intranet with HTML. I learned great concepts of programming but at the time technologies have all been in a state, where troubleshooting involved more work time than getting results.

Since then the world really changed and we are living in an age of incredible possibilities.

But … YOU need to know how to use the wheel!


I am a quite auto didactical person, so I am chasing information to build solid know-how in any sector I work.

In 2004 I was frustrated by the challenges of then using Netscape browser and Internet Explorer. They gave me a hard time then.

Now everybody can use the great WordPress CMS to publish his online presentation. There are different provider like, providing e-mail list building functionalities. You can chat, you can skype and you can place ads on Facebook, Google, Youtube etc. to attract your audience for the product you sell.

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

I think it is absolutely crucial for everybody to get an idea of the concepts that have been established during the last years.

Many of us have heard about digital trends and seen some frightening documentations. Sometimes it is difficult to see, how this digital age is approaching faster than we think! And there is no way back!

My interpretation is, there is just no time to reinvent the wheel, but there is also nearly no time to learn to use it.

I am learning every day! Do you?

If you don’t know where to start – click here!


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