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How can you Profit from Automation?



How can you profit from automation?

Automation is affecting the economy and our workspace!

Automation is a topic with lots of different faces and a main driver of the digitalization we are currently in.

Everyone can profit from automation!

Maybe it is hard for you to see, how you could possibly profit from automation. The news is claiming daily that automation potentially kills your job and make you obsolete.

What does this cause to you?

Do you feel fear, anger, insecurity, resignation or do you feel the power of the possibilities we never had in history?

I can not stress this enough: Any job and profession are at stake in the digital economy!

Better adapt your mind to the idea, that you have to become a lifelong learner and reskill over and over again!

While Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are concepts, we will face in the future, first of all, it is about automation we have to deal with. Automation is using Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to enfold its power at scale. We even need these concepts to handle the problems we face on our planet and our population.

Automation is a sneaky process and if you are PASSIVE it will roll over you. So I want you to start thinking ACTIVE.

Your job in the traditional industry is one App away from becoming obsolete!

How can you use automation actively?

Well, think of it like this: Almost any task you repeat can be automated.

What cannot be automated: Creative messages, pictures, design, video, audio you design, innovative thoughts, empathy, leadership to name some examples.

Creating the idea cannot be automated and as humans, we are full of ideas every day. Believe it or not, anyone is special and can find at least a million if not several millions of people who feel empathy have similar interests, figure the same fears and struggles in life.

How to embrace your creativity and use it?

If you write a creative message on a paper at home it will not help you much.

You have to USE automation and its tools to spread your message at scale.

If you understand how to reach the entire world with your message, your words, pictures, and ideas they can become very powerful and be your asset.

This is where automation starts to become really powerful for every one of us who is willing to spread his creative ideas.


You will also need to become active through DOING!

We need people in the process of digitalization and during our shift into a digital economy who are willing to take leadership, stand out and show others how it is done.

I was told many times the same by friends: I don’t click on Ads on Facebook!

Believe me, people do click on Ads if they see something they are interested in and they also buy online, so they could buy what you recommend them.

Generate profit from automation

I take online marketing as a model to outline your possibilities of automation as it is at a central position in the entire process of spreading your word, idea, service or product.

Marketing is the only way to generate and increase revenue so automation in this process is the key to success in the digital economy!

The production process, as well as any part of the administration, are creating costs!

Through automation, we will be able to reduce production and administration costs and your job in the old industry is likely to be part of this!

Sell online

First of all, you need to understand the selling process online.

Your store in the digital world is your website.

Publishing content to your website means making it visible to the entire world! The value you create by adding relevant information will strengthen your brand.

You normally cannot live from your brand so you need to make sure to add products to your website, your visitors can purchase from all over the world.

Now you have a store and you have visitors to your store but you still hardly know who they are. They come and go and if you want to know who they are you have to ask them somehow.

In the online world, email is still accepted as the main source of contact with visitors to your online store. There are more advanced strategies to use social media chats to replace email. But they can’t because email has become such a strong tool.

You can use many different strategies on your website to get the email of your visitors. They will give you their email address if they are interested in what you have to offer.


The time when you had to write any new email applicant are long over. We now use email autoresponders like AWeber to handle the task for you.

So, the process of automation in marketing is first to use Social Media and Search Engines to bring possible clients to your storefront and if they show interest, ask them for their email to stay in touch. If they are so kind as to provide their information you start sending them a series of emails you prepared to introduce your brand in a more detailed form.

Think of this process as if you would meet your client in person and get into a conversation. Would your communication just be sales pitches in this case? Maybe not, right!? This is where many brands struggle in the online world. You can’t just present products all the time and try to hard sell. In the offline world, they would get away fast if you would act like this, right!?

Provide real value to your clients, whatever it is you cover with your brand. This is called your niche.

Automating your communication is key to allow you to concentrate on creating more information about your brand!

Any product you love and you like to sell could be interesting to your audience and if you mention them in your emails you can recommend them and get commissions on autopilot.

This is very powerful and through the worldwide reach, this business model can make you very wealthy!

Own Products and Affiliate Products

Affiliate Products can help you focus first of all on marketing and building your own client list, while it might be a long process to produce your own product and setup all marketing material just for this specific product.

You can learn all these basic automation techniques for your marketing in detail through The Six Figure Mentors education.

Beyond Financial Profit from Automation

The financial profit from selling products is very important and money as such is very important to live in the capitalistic world. If you have a problem charging people you may need to overthink your relationship with finances.

In the online space you can see lots of online marketers just running for more clients and telling you how many millions they have made through the process I explained above.

At the SFM we focus on the practicability of our business models for each of us, including our individuality.

Personally, I don’t care about anybody’s millions, if they don’t do any good with it, to help to make our world a better place.



The digital economy and the automation possibilities offer solutions to earn a lot of money and really profit from automation!

Ethics are more important than ever!

How much is enough?

Buying emails, spamming and cheating are no go!

Always just sell things you buy yourself and would sell to any family member!

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