How Does Globalization Affect My Life?



How does globalization affect my life?


You should ask yourself “How does globalization affect my life”!

Our lives are changing as a consequence of globalization. No doubt!

Many of us are experiencing fear and uncertainty about what is coming.

Is there a need for fear about the future of a global DIGITAL WORLD?


Digitalization is dominating our lives for quite some time but there was a big event, changing it all.

I am sure you remember when Apple introduced the iPhone 10 years ago in 2007. Since then the online world changed rapidly, as websites and sales are just clicks away anywhere we go.

I think one of the biggest changes concerns our form of buying and the range of customers we can attract by the products we sell.

Business models of retail stores and malls are outdated as everybody is buying online. This change drives the process! Selling stuff in a traditional store normally has a reach of clients in a surrounding of 2-100 kilometers, serving clients during local business hours.

The internet never sleeps and clients can be found all around the world. Besides classic products, a wide new generation of digital products is being created, optimized for being sold online.

It seems obvious, that everybody who is able to follow the trace of digitalization and globalization will profit differently than the others.

But not just product sales are experiencing serious changes.
Global warming caused a change in our mindset and there are still many steps to go. But … there is one very essential change concerning fossil energy. We know about the problems of burning oil and gas, but also the so widely used plastic is part of the drama.

The highly important oil cartels are experiencing real competition but also nuclear power and the energy lobby are required to rethink their concepts.

Lately, a transparent solar panel was introduced, Tesla provides batteries for storing solar energy.
Projects are in place to power an entire island by renewable energies!

Transparent solar panels may be a window to the future
Transparent Solar Panels


The world is getting healthier again! Hopefully!


China is out-producing the USA and producing your own products gets possible for anybody.


Which trace will you follow?

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