Profiles of Greatness: Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our current times. Period.

The more I watch the content of Gary, the more I recognize his greatness!

I can just recommend to follow this crazy guy in and out and listen to the incredible amount of value he constantly shares as an example he wants to be for today’s kids and professionals!

Gary was an advisor to the Obama administration, is an early investor in Facebook, Twitter, Uber and many more tech startups, founder of Vayner Media, one of the most relevant media companies in NY and is more active in social media than anybody.

The amount of positivity he spreads on the internet is amazing!

Start your day with some motivation by Garyvee to pump you up!

Where did Gary come from?

Gary is an immigrant to the USA, coming from Belarus (Russia) at a very young age and while he had difficulties with the English language he became a big fan of Baseball and he started to sell Baseball cards to the kids in New Jersey.

He was an outsider through to his language barrier but connected himself through sports and he formed his dream and life challenge to buy the NY Jets Football team.

While he made a lot of money during high school, selling lemonade at lemonade stands in the streets and employing his friends to help him, besides selling baseball cards and whatever came to his mind he could sell, his father, who managed to buy a small liquor store in the hood took him out of business and employed him at his wine library. While being mad at his father, who ruined his business, he found out that people collect wine and he started to connect with the clients of the liquor store. Long story short, he worked at his fathers business for 13 years, building it from 3 million to 60 million, started the first wine e-commerce business through winelibrary.com and launched his wine library tv on Youtube while using Google Ads almost from the start in 2004.

Exploring the path of the entrepreneur

Gary did not own wine library and earned 40k as an employee for years while working 6 days a week for his dad. He did not care about his social life in his 20’s and saved his money and used it, later on, to invest into some of the greatest startups in our current history like Facebook and Twitter as he went to Silicon Valley to understand, what was happening in the tech world at the time.

Together with his brother, he started the media company Vayner Media as an outsider and while the big agencies laughed about the “wine guy” he started to build his empire through providing an incredible amount of content and becoming one of the greatest entrepreneur rockstars of our time.

For some years now, he is a speaker at all big marketing conferences around the globe while running Vayner Media, Garyvee, Dailyvee, and so many more projects, writing books and motivating kids and professionals around the world to become a better version of themselves.


Gary’s real success

Defending free content

Gary is one of the strongest defenders of free content as he is convinced if you give away your ideas for free in our current world, you will reach the biggest audience. When people start to understand his action and ideas, he already moved to the next, so he is not afraid to share his creativity and provides so many ideas for anybody to start his / her business of choice to live the life you want.



Gary’s energetic nature, ideas, and motivation makes him one of the greatest entrepreneurs and can drive you forward but it also can become overwhelming.

He is building an audience at scale and literally gives a shit about the opinion of others about himself. While he pushes people to do business he does not talk a lot about his social engagement but he is also doing his part of it behind the scenes.

Where should you start?

In comparison to the founders of the Six Figure Mentors, Stuart Ross, and Jay Kubassek, some more of the greatest entrepreneurs of the internet age, Gary does not provide a step by step education to implement his ideas to start your business and finding a way to become self-aware about what YOU want to do with your life. He just leaves people with the challenge to figure it all out.

This might be your path but for me, personally, I needed an education to understand the basic concepts to take away the real value of Gary’s content and start implementing my own business idea.

I also want to provide free content but in my own journey as an entrepreneur and Youtuber since the early days, I found, that you also need great products to sell to bring food to the table every day.

After passing the education of the Six Figure Mentors and constantly working on my self-awareness to understand, what I really want in life I really appreciate all the motivation and ideas Gary is providing but I highly recommend getting an education first.


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