Transformation Starts With YOU

It All Starts With You

It All Starts With You


Transformation starts with YOU at any level!


If you are the owner of a company, if you form part of the management team or if you are just a normal employee, working as an expert in your field doesn’t matter.


Don’t blame the market! Don’t blame your boss! Don’t blame the clients!


Do something against becoming a dinosaur!

Are you afraid of the times to come! I am!

It will be hard and you better start now than waiting for the internet to go away again!

I see the biggest problem when people are holding back because of your mind and all your experiences tell you to be careful and hold back.

We can’t do this! We have done it like this for the last 6 years and we don’t want it to change! We can’t change the laws!


Transitioning any business into the new world is not a one time process. Few will be able to constantly transition over and over again while they can maintain their business model and their clients!


I like the example of the book market as it started to disrupt very early and we have entered into a different stage now.

In the old world, an author would create content for a book. He had to look for a publishing company which was quite hard and he had to go through a strict selection process. The publisher organized the print and handled the distribution to the bookstores so the readers could buy them.

Let’s analyze where we are now.

As an author, I can create my book completely by myself by just generating a pdf document and publish it through a website or a blog as a digital document. Some special devices like Kindle reader or the iPad evolved to provide a better reading experience than just reading on a computer. But people also like the hardcopy of a book. Amazon made this experience possible again and reinvented the market.

As an author, now you can publish your book directly to Amazon and sell it through their infrastructure. You profit from their entire marketplace to distribute it to any country.

They act as the new middleman by outsourcing the print of the book to special print shops, These print shops deliver the book to the end consumer on their own terms. Lately, Amazon is even experimenting with a new concept of a modern form of book stores, providing people a library like experience.

Just by this high-level analysis, we can see, that the involved players have been completely exchanged over the entire process.

Probably not all industries will get disrupted completely like the book market but those business models with a potential to sustain will have to use methods modern methods like Deep Learning and using robots in their processes. They have to become very creative with the new possibilities of the digital age to keep their business models alive. They might have to change their entire workforce as a consequence as current employees might not be able to learn the required skills to stay competitive in the market.

The big issue in the industry 4.0 is the constant change! It does not stop anymore and you have no time to feel safe after a transition of a business!

When a transition is over, the next change is around the corner. Anybody has to be ready to act and react constantly.

In Switzerland, we are lagging behind in many instances in my point of view, principally due to the language gap. Most people, just a little older than me don’t speak English, so most of the current business owners of small businesses are not aware of the most actual developments. The US is still the main driver in the entire game of business development and generating hypes. Most videos on Youtube the same as modern educations, related to all kinds of new topics are not getting translated. Those who do not understand the English language have to wait for some leaders in the German, French, Italian or whatever market to translate the modern initiatives.

Since the time when I started programming, my operating systems are all set up in English.

I experience this situation of lagging behind also in the Spanish community, even if their progress is faster than in the German market.





If you have any questions or concerns about the HOW, I might be able to help you so feel free to reach out.

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