Web Developer Update 2018

Developer Update 2018

What Is Trending In 2018 Concerning Web Development?

At the beginning of the year, every developer should update the next steps in technology!


First Joice – Trends in Web Development 2018

I think, one of the most significant updates in 2018 is the browser support of CSS Grid!

When I implemented a prototype of a single page application in August 2017 I started to use CSS Grid for the first time and unfortunately I had to fall back to the Bootstrap 4 framework, as the browser support was still weak.

By the end of 2017 lots of tutorials started to appear on Youtube about colleagues who are implementing CSS Grid successfully and I hope it is time now for a change in the implementation of Web Design elements on the internet.

You should definitely look into this!

Second Joice

Affiliate Marketing is the trend of the future, so I scanned the market for available solutions to integrate with popular platforms.

For Magento people recommend MAGESTORE.

Popular solutions

• POST Affiliate Pro

• iDevAffiliate

Standards in 2018

As a full-stack web developer, I recommend looking into the following technologies!

HTML5 / Css3 (specially CSS-Grid but also animations) are the basis!


Frontend Development

Learn Vanilla JavaScript in depth as there are many changes in ECMAScript 2017 (ES8).

• ReactJS by Facebook keeps running the game!

• Angular by Google is widely used in the professional environment
(stable release V6 announced for April/Mai 2018)

Personally, I like D3.js (Data-Driven Documents based on SVG) for graphic charts.


Backend Development

Languages & Frameworks

• Node.js and the MEAN Stack are still gaining popularity while many companies are heading back to Relative Databases

• Python is established and pushing forward

• PHP stays stable in the CMS world (I personally use the Symfony framework to integrate with Drupal 8)

• Java widely used in the enterprise world



• MongoDB is gaining popularity especially for single page applications (SPA)

• MySQL is running the game in the CMS world and gets traction back through cloud providers

• Oracle widely used in the enterprise world


CMS Systems

• WordPress is running the game in the marketing world

• Drupal 8 is stable and many upgrades from version 7 are pending

(Joomla is more and more falling behind)


Shop Systems

• Shopify is the editors joyce due to its possibility to handle delivery by Amazon FBA

• Magento 2 is established and upgrades from old versions are pending

• WordPress WooCommerce

• Drupal 8 Commerce



I hope this helps to get an overview!

Enjoy hacking in 2018!!

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