Youtube Update

Youtube Update


Are the new changes to the Youtube partnership program bad?

Big changes to the Youtube partnership program are announced coming on 20th of February 2018.

What is it about?

The new guidelines for Youtube Channels participating in ad revenue will change.
To qualify you will need 1000 new subscribers and 4000 hours watch time on the videos in the channel during a year.
Before you had to get 10’000 views to qualify.

Let me provide you with some insights about my channel to give you an idea about the actual figures:
Watchtime 2017: 29’000 hours
Subscribers: 1’200
* This was before I started to push content daily again and I still don’t ask for subscribing.

According to some big Youtube Channels with access to insights directly from Youtube, this coming update has a reason!

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The copy bots

On Youtube, there are copy bots active!

They are copying videos, uploading them to new channels, pushing these videos on top of the original ones through SEO optimization and browser farms and cash in the Ad revenue.
Until Youtube identifies them, they take the cash, meant as an income of the Youtube creators and get away as fast as they appeared.

At the same time, the original videos of Youtube creators are not getting pushed by the Youtube algorithm and the views stagnate.

Speaking as a Youtuber – THEY ARE EATING OUR LUNCH!

Through the new policy, it will be much more difficult for these bots to get the Ad revenue and possibly Ad revenue will go up for all creators with small and big channels.
At the same time, videos might get a better promotion inside of Youtube again.


This update of the Youtube algorithm might look scary for small Youtubers and there is quite some frustration in the community, but it actually is GOOD for all of us.

If you work consistently on your Youtube channel, the new qualification should absolutely be in reach for everyone!

This change in policy has nothing to do with Logan Paul as very much believed in the world of small Youtube creators.

I still think Youtube is an amazing platform, providing an incredible potential to spread the word about any topic!


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