Creating an Online Business

Creating an Online Business

Building A Business In The Online Space – Part II – Artists/Celebrities and Freelancers

In this series of articles, I am introducing new ways on the internet to work when your job will get blown away through the disruption announced.

I, first of all, write about the current mindset most of us carry around with us and the options we think we have to then dive into the new world setup.


In this second part, I focus on Artists/Celebrities and Freelancers as independent individuals acting in the free market.

As written in Part I, building a sustainable business is mainly about 2 things:

  1. Good products with good revenue.
  2. A big market interested in the product, where you can attract your niche.

As a third requirement, I add a PLAN to the list.


What are the products you could sell? What is your plan?

I start with 2 examples also from experience and focused on the old world setup.

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Creating an Online Business

Creating an Online Business

Building A Business In The Online Space – Part I – Introduction


I see lots and lots of people in the online space and I doubt most of them have a plan about how to make a business out of posting, engaging and shooting selfies.


The common slogan constantly appearing „work smarter not harder“ is easy said but what is smart in the online space.

Many listen to Garyvee these days and he is without a doubt a genius but I think sometimes he gets way over the head of somebody who is just starting and trying to get a business running in the online space.

It is hard to work smart and I still have no exact formula but I want to bring up some ideas about what does not work and what is proven to work.

What is your plan to make it?

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In The Trenches Of Change

Transition into a Digital Age

We are in the trenches of change.

The accelerating speed of change in any industry driven by the tech space, in my point of view requires a big mindset shift and a new balance between constantly learning and in-depth deep dive.

I have no idea about how the human brain could possibly handle this constant fight against becoming a dinosaur and being irrelevant over the next decades.


If someone decides to go deep in one profession, technology or any science she/he exposes to a dangerous vulnerability of becoming obsolete when the system moves on.

If we found our truth, it is hard to accept when it gets outdated and we have to move towards a change.

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Entrepreneurship Boxing

Entrepreneurship Boxing

Entrepreneurship – a life of challenges.

Do you know what it takes to be an entrepreneur and business owner?

Oh, it became so easy these days to start up a company through the entire internet infrastructure, the mass of money in the system and modern education. This is just great and I am so happy about all the possibilities for everyone to develop their ideas and projects in this space! This makes the world flourish!

Sometimes I get jealous about all these youngsters with a tech startup getting millions through funding. But then I let it go by telling myself: “This is not for you”!

Is just a great idea enough to be an entrepreneur and found a sustainable company? It could, but as we can see over and over again there is a lot more in it.

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Yellow Jackets France

Yellow Jackets France

Providing the infrastructure for everyone – an alternative to minimal income

What I am writing here is an alternative to the ideas of Minimal Income as we have to find new ways to handle the distribution of wealth and our entire infrastructure.


What will happen, when 50% of our population will lose their job?


You think you are entitled and will get away with it? Security and entitlement is a dangerous place to be!!


We will not get around it, to find a way to provide the basic infrastructure for anybody! You want people marching in the streets?

Better act before this will be the case as they probably kill the beautiful things we have achieved.

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It All Starts With You

It All Starts With You


Transformation starts with YOU at any level!


If you are the owner of a company, if you form part of the management team or if you are just a normal employee, working as an expert in your field doesn’t matter.


Don’t blame the market! Don’t blame your boss! Don’t blame the clients!


Do something against becoming a dinosaur!

Are you afraid of the times to come! I am!

It will be hard and you better start now than waiting for the internet to go away again!

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Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste

How will we change the waste problem?


Investments have to start flowing into the right directions!

The climate change topic popped up a long time ago. I remember well the initiatives about even worse greenhouse emissions through gases in sprays, being identified for causing the atmospheric ozone leak when I was a kid in the 80s.

Then the waste problem was not getting too much awareness. The world was not global like it is today. Plastic was the driver of our wealth and just becoming the solution to everything in our consumption-driven society.

Waste was still not considered as the big issue it has become over the last 40 years of my life.

Society came out of world war 2 and was starving for wealth. Consumption started to arise through the new possibilities of the 3rd industrial revolution.

The generation of my parents, being born in the time of world war 2 still used mostly natural products when being kids. Electricity was still far away from being mainstream in all households.

Since then, their generation and my generation mainly caused pollution and waste on our planet. We introduced this consumption craze to the next generations, leaving them without a Joyce.

Don’t you feel a responsibility?

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Climate Change

Climate Change


It is incredible how many people from normal to celebrities still deny climate change but fortunately, awareness is rising.

Some days ago I took the elevator in our building and it was cold outside. There was this couple in the elevator and I just dropped the comment that it is cold outside. Just some small talk. It was the moment when temperatures dropped to -45°C this year in Chicago. I lost the context but the girl said: „Oh everybody is shouting out when it gets a little cold. I grew up in Kanada and changes in the climate have always existed“. What I want to point out, is that it is not just Donald Trump denying climate change. Normal people also defend our behavior to be decoupled from the current climate change we obviously face and the destabilization of our ecosystem.

Global warming is proven now by scientists. I think we should not just worry about global warming but about cumulation of extreme climate situations and coupled effects.
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Write A Book

Write A Book

I got no Idea why I just started to write a book 2 weeks ago.

For more than a year I tried to figure out, what and how I want to write, what content to produce, but without the intention to specifically write a book.

Is it blog posts and should they be long or short or should I do videos on Youtube or start a podcast. What should it be about?

Maybe you are also at a point, where you think about writing a book or you are a step ahead and have published successfully before.
I would be glad to hear about your experience during the process!

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Education is the market of the future


Education is the market of the future.

About education and lifelong learning

How do you react to the constant change in your profession and in the entire markets? Education is the market of the future!

Angela Merkel mentioned her idea of lifelong learning at the WEF in Davos. Technology is changing incredibly fast, also driving the education market.

Stuart Ross started the discussion about this topic in the last SFM monthly visionary call. I would like to provide some additional context.


Who will be Apple in 2030?


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