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In The Trenches Of Change

In The Trenches Of Change

Transition into a Digital Age

We are in the trenches of change.

The accelerating speed of change in any industry driven by the tech space, in my point of view requires a big mindset shift and a new balance between constantly learning and in-depth deep dive.

I have no idea about how the human brain could possibly handle this constant fight against becoming a dinosaur and being irrelevant over the next decades.


If someone decides to go deep in one profession, technology or any science she/he exposes to a dangerous vulnerability of becoming obsolete when the system moves on.

If we found our truth, it is hard to accept when it gets outdated and we have to move towards a change.

In the industry we need hardcore professionals to understand the systems we are creating currently. I have no idea how we will avoid the collapse of these systems over time while we create strong dependence on them. I don’t see AI capable to develop itself and program new code. Programming, developing systems, and any entrepreneurial actions are creative processes. They require to prioritize and exclude while relying on strong competition. AI in its main construction is just following the mainstream but providing us with perfection we cannot reach as human beings.



I think we have to consider that our volume of possible candidates to program our systems are limited. A construction worker will most probably not be able to write a software system or prepare big data for AI analysis. I am attached to the tech space but I am aware of many similar developments in the biotech-, chemistry-, and pharmaceutical industries. We currently have no clue about what gets created in these spaces in a worldwide context.

The knowledge and professionalism in all these industries are released and I see no possibilities to stop the current development.


When we found out how to dominate fire there was no way back to the times when we didn’t.

Will the capacity of our brain and our curiosity become our big vulnerability and lead to a collapse or will we find solutions to slow down our excessive experiments, research, and capitalistic approach?

Can we use our knowledge to create a better life for all of us?

Will it be possible to slow down and recapture our achievements to make them more solid and sustainable?


Please reach out if you need a consultant or advice in any part of your transition into Industry 4.0 in a private or work environment.


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