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What Is The Power Of Email Lists?

What is the Power of Email Lists?

Email lists are the modern way to build a community of trusted people and clients in the digital economy. They are often misused to send pitches and offers to people.


Use the power of email lists for good!

Be aware of the value you can provide by sending your views about the world and ethics to your audience!

If you have something to say if you have values you care about, shame on you if you don’t share them with the world! 

Your word counts! Don’t blame others and politicians if they don’t defend your values. Nobody will know about them if you don’t tell the world what you think, feel and stand for!


Email lists are no SPAM!

I lived through the epoch when everybody started sending SPAM emails to any email address found, published online.
The problem still exists and there are still some stupid people trying to cheat, trick and offend!

But … fortunately, most of these emails are caught in SPAM filtering through modern email servers!
The rest can be identified quite easy. There is just one action allowed on these emails – DELETE!

Don’t confuse email lists with SPAM!

Emails from email lists are normally sent to you because you actively subscribed to an email list of a certain topic.
Sometimes you get on a list, you did not actively subscribe. If you scroll to the end of the email you find a link to unsubscribe and nowadays this works quite well!

Read more for my humble opinion about this subject …

Email lists are no SPAM

Email lists are no SPAM

There are hundreds of email lists you can join. It is actually an entire industry, built on this concept and it is around for a long time.

The magazines and newspaper industry suffers hard competition from online magazines. There exists a great Directory of Ezines, where some of the biggest online magazines are listed.
(By the way, this is a great way to advertise and Charlie Page provides great courses about list building, ezines, and banner ads)


Email lists are no SPAM! They nowadays are the way to get informed about all kinds of subjects!

Besides online magazines, nearly all online shops present their products through newsletters. Many interesting individuals are providing all kinds of information and products through news lists.

Don’t worry about signing up to these lists, you can always sign out again if you are not interested in the topic anymore!
Anyway, I recommend you to use a special email address for this purpose to make sure your business email doesn’t get into the focus of spammers.

Technical hurdles to start your email list.

Don’t worry about technical hurdles anymore. It is easy to set up a website or a blog to capture emails through signup forms.

You can learn this by just searching on Youtube or maybe you want to learn it from in detail (I recommend the online education of The Six Figure Mentors).




THE SIX FIGURE MENTORS provide great courses on email list building and I recommend to master this technique.
List building as of today is one of the most powerful strategies used globally!


If you have any question concerning list building and online marketing just drop me a message!

Have a great day!


TIP: If you receive an e-mail from an address of a friend, a bank or other source that actually looks familiar but the content makes no sense and context, check the real sender address first, before clicking any link or opening any document!!
HOW TO: You can inspect the real sender address in your e-mail program, in my case Apple Mail. Hovering over the sender address of an email there is a small arrow at the right of the highlighted area you can click to see more information.
Sometimes the address displayed is not matching this address, so you maybe should be careful and DELETE the entire email.


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